instruction + support

for successful professional women who want to stop the overwhelm and start living intentional, purposeful, joy-filled lives!

You already know what it feels like to be successful and motivated. 


You’re wonderful in ALL the roles you have in your life… whether that is mother, daughter, wife, employee, boss, volunteer, member, etc. 


I ensure that you’re feeling fulfillment and purpose while you’re out there being awesome.

Jenna Thibault, Intentional Living Consultant

As women in today’s society we are often left feeling exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled as a result of our many responsibilities. However we don’t dare raise our hand and say anything because if we do, we fear society will say “be quiet – quit complaining, be grateful – isn’t this what you wanted, and keep it up!” 


After years of this pressure it can be easy to feel like there is no way out.


Not anymore.


You can break free from the overwhelm and live a joy-filled life without giving up your career or life goals. 

program design

your journey to intentional living starts here


Below are the three pillars I focus on with my clients. There are various program options that meet each client's unique needs. 

your mind

Understand how your brain naturally tries to keep you in your status quo. That is what is keeping you stuck and why it’s been SO hard to break free in the past.


Learn how to channel that power into the biggest benefit for you and your life.

expect mental stamina

satisfaction + less stress + empowerment

Your brain is SO powerful! You may not realize all of the things it is doing for you on a daily basis.


When was the last time your reminded yourself to digest your food?


Probably never. Our brains and bodies talk and just do this for us automatically. In fact, there are a lot of automatic thought processes going on in our mind every day but without training they can hold you back.


Learn how to turnoff cruise control and jump in the driver’s seat. 

your schedule

Stop trying to do it all. Deep dive into your schedule and eliminate wasted time + energy. Learn to live purposefully by aligning your values and where you spend your time.


Bring your greatest impact to this world. 

expect free time

more time + energy

Stop giving up your power. Learn to take back control over your schedule. Align your schedule with your unique strengths and gifts and a few things happen:


(1) you will be able to do those activities for a while without reaching exhaustion




(2) those activities will leave you feeling empowered. You’ll have the energy to fill your new found free time with whatever you please. 

your living space

Make the most out of your living space. Yes it’s about decluttering, but it's also about creating a space where you feel comfortable and JOYFUL.


Design a space that truly reflects you and your family. 

expect order

mental clarity + comfort + organization

As you organize your home your mind will naturally follow.


You'll be able to locate things. You'll be able to complete tasks faster (e.g. cooking and cleaning up, organizing the play room, etc.). You will want to have family and friends over to entertain.


You'll become comfortable with those spaces that aren't always clean or picked up because you know that when you're ready to clean it up everything has a place. 

ready to see if this is right for you?

let's get to know each other first...

If you can identify with any of the following you are qualified for the complimentary 1:1 strategy session with me.

  • Motivated - ready for change
  • Successful - you're an achiever
  • Focused - ready to accomplish that goal

Why do I qualify my clients? 


Because I want to get my clients results. I want to work with to transform their life. I can teach, but I cannot force. Therefore, I only work with people that are ready to make a change. I only work with action takers.


What's in it for you?


Well for starters, it's all about you. I'll ask you questions to get to the root of where you are currently + help you visualize where you could be. You'll leave with


1) Clarity on what's holding you back

2) A vision of what change looks like

3) An action plan to free yourself


If I determine that we would be a good fit to work together I'll tell you what I have to offer and then you can decide if you want in.


I'm not here to convince you that you need

this. This isn't for me. I have clients that are committed, motivated, and getting results. It's up to you to decide what you want for your future.

Unsure? There is a reason for that...


The brain is designed to keep you safe.

It's designed to be cautious about new opportunities, especially opportunities to advance and expand your way of thinking and living.


Yep, that means it's TOTALLY normal to be a little nervous about booking a 1:1.

It's up to you to push past that automatic brain response and book anyway...I mean, hello brain, talking to someone on the phone is TOTALLY safe c'mon.


I'll tell you ALL about this automatic response + more during our 1:1.

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to the mom, daughter, wife, employee, sister, friend, that is reading this...

You do amazing things every day for the people in your life. That is what makes you an awesome human being. But are you doing so at the sacrifice of your own life? This life, it isn't a dress rehearsal it is the REAL DEAL.


You CAN live a life of intention where you serve those around you and fill your own cup. You deserve this. You are important, you are valuable, you matter.


Only you can choose to embark on this journey. You are in complete control. Because, after all.... if you won't invest in yourself, who will?