Things are changing around here...

To: YOU, our community

From: Jenna Thibault


Serving clients at Jenna Thibault LLC has been an absolute pleasure. As much as I spend time teaching, I spend an equal amount of time learning. And over this past year it's become clear to me... I cannot serve everyone.


But, I'm pretty darn good at serving accountants.


Maybe it's the lingo + acronyms, the dedication to T-accounts and journals entries, or the chuckle we share when people think 40 hour work weeks are normal... but the truth is we're just a little bit different. 


So, I'm taking my own advice and embracing what makes me different. 


In the next few weeks I'll be launching programs for accountants who want to live more + work less without quitting their 6-figure careers. 


If you are an accountant, or you identify with the issues we face, you're invited to join us.


Click the button under the picture to join our community email list. You'll get immediate access to my new guide "Live More, Work Less" which walks through the 3-part framework that teaches you to produce consistent high-achieving results so you can spend more guilt-free time outside of the office.


With continued support for you on your journey,





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